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Introducing Kavoshgaran Company in Zanjan

Kavoshgaran Roy Zanjan Company started its production activity in 1378 and has continuously taken valuable steps in the direction of quantitative and especially qualitative development of the final product by training specialized and efficient human resources. We are proud as a duty to customers, quality products in the category Produce and supply global standards.

Zinc ingots of this company with high quality in the range (99.987 to 99.993%) provide part of the needs of domestic industries and foreign markets for high quality zinc ingots.

At present, 40% of the company’s products are exported to domestic industries and 60% to Turkey, Russia, UAE, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Greece and… directly and indirectly.

cothe Crusher unit Of kavoshgaran zinc

Environmental responsibility

Kavoshgaran Roy Zanjan Company with significant investment since 1394 reconstructed and isolated all effluents, streams and water reservoirs of the factory to prevent the infiltration of effluent into the ground in the production cycle and at the same time with the creation of two cake washing units and BZS was able to Minimize impurities, zinc and moisture in the factory waste cake.

the filteration unit Of kavoshgaran zinc co


The company believes that efficient manpower, along with a healthy environment, is central to sustainable development. Therefore, continuous training of all colleagues and familiarity with past experiences and up-to-date knowledge in the field of activity is the headline of the company’s programs and we believe that this is necessary to improve the quality and quantity of the production process and the final product and value the efforts of colleagues. , We consider it our duty to be appropriate and safe.

leaerning unit of kavoshgaran zinc co
Efficient manpower
Expert and committed manpower = increasing efficiency and quality in the production process and the final product
وکتور شمش روی کاوشگران روی زنجان

Production of quality product

More than 20 years of experience in producing zinc ingots
Healthy environment

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