Production of zinc ingots in Zanjan Zinc Exploration Company

Zinc ingot production process in Zanjan Kavoshgaran Company

As it was said, the main mission of Zanjan Kavoshgaran Company is to produce zinc ingots.

Different types of lead and zinc ores are prepared from various domestic and foreign mines and transported to the crushing plant. First, they are crushed by crushers and mills and become micronized powder.

Zinc-containing soils are transported by sulfuric acid in the next operation, which is the “xleaching” process, and the annoying impurities are removed along with the filtration operation. Also, some impurities such as cobalt, iron, nickel and cadmium are deposited during chemical treatment and filtration.

The resulting pure zinc sulfate solution, carefully controlled for purity, is directed into the electrolysis cells and forms zinc sheets. These zinc sheets are separated from the cathodes and after melting in the furnace, they are cast as ingots.

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cothe Crusher unit Of kavoshgaran zinc
kavoshgaran zinc seprator unit
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